What We Do For You

Digital Campaign Strategy

Devise a customized media plan to reach your customers where they are most likely to respond and engage.

Measurement and Advanced Analytics

Break into the black box and see real measurable insights throughout your campaign to truly understand the impact of your marketing.

Audience Development

Utilize proprietary and third party tools to fluidly examine your audiences and capitalize on their unique qualities for personalized communication.

Media Activation

Programmatic industry veterans that buy, implement and optimize cross platform campaigns.

Technology Selection and Deployment

Become a platform expert by confidently on-boarding programmatic tech platforms and train on usage, optimization and reporting.

AI-Driven Optimization

Fresh data powers real-time optimizations. Find the intersection between your campaign goals and your consumer habits to drive superior performance.

Creative Integration

We utilize data to test and learn from a broad spectrum of creative, delivering comprehensive performance-driven messaging.

Quality Control

The Varick Quality code is a system of procedures to protect your brand’s health across all channels. We manage ad fraud, viewability, data privacy and compliance to ensure your brand’s success.

The Power of the Platform at Scale

Unlock the full potential of your marketing by mastering media platforms. Varick consults, trains and activates with self-service and ad tech platforms to allow you to connect with your audiences across all channels.









Advanced TV

Advanced TV



Out Of Home

Out of Home




Alveo centralizes essential digital data into one interface, providing you with transparent reporting, measurement, and analytics.


Discovery fuels long-term brand growth. Uncover profitable new strategies and engage consumers across exciting new formats at minimal risk with Varick Labs.

Varick EDU

Master today’s media and tech platforms with the guidance and consultation of our team of experts. Customized trainings are built around your business needs.

Varick Verified

A tag-based solution that monitor’s vendor performance, verifies delivery against your best customers, and delivers campaign recommendations.

3rd Party Tools

We utilize third party data tools that unlock powerful insight into the motivations and behaviors of your unique audience. Our strategists map the digital journey of your consumer and provide the gateways to intersect with them during the moments that matter.


Digital marketing landscape trends


Competitive analysis and buying intelligence


Consumer insights, purchasing behaviors and media usage


Media intelligence and advertising best practices

At Varick, we understand that your business needs are unique, and should be treated as such. We’ve spent the last 10 years cultivating our core products and services to bring the power of programmatic to all of our clients. Contact us today to see what more programmatic can do for your business!